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Albany Nursing Home Neglect LawyersWhen our elderly start to require additional assistance in their everyday life, there comes a time where we must decide whether at-home care or nursing home is the best fit for the situation. Nursing homes can often offer a more advanced level of care than traditional at-home care can. Those who choose to place their loved ones in a nursing home have perfectly reasonable expectations that the faculty and staff will look out for the resident’s best interest. Therefore, it is devastating when you find out that the trust has been broken and your loved one has been neglected or seriously injured. This is where we come in. It is extremely important to protect your loved one and hold responsible parties accountable. Call an Albany nursing home neglect attorney at The Rodd Firm today. We are a team of compassionate legal professionals who have experience in cases of elder abuse and neglect. We know the laws and can assist you with your case, from filing to settlement or trial.

Calculated injuries are not always the source of nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse can be the result of neglect or lack of basic supervision. When we put our trust into a facility and its staff, we expect that our expectations will be upheld. The thought of a loved one receiving neglect in a place that is supposed to be their home is crushing. Even worse, sometimes residents are unable to express themselves so the neglect can go on for weeks or months without anyone knowing.

Types of Nursing Home Neglect

Oftentimes, neglect in a nursing home is not the result of a direct effort to harm the resident, it usually stems from a breach of a duty of care. Nursing home neglect takes many forms, but most often includes the following:

  • Medical neglect (such as failure to provide medications, water, food, or supervision)
  • Personal hygiene neglect
  • Emotional neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Financial abuse

It is important to keep in contact with your loved one as often as possible. The more often you are in touch with them the more likely you will be able to spot signs of neglect. This may be more difficult if your loved one cannot communicate efficiently but there are signs that may point to neglect including, bedsores, soiled sheets, and weight loss.

Lawsuits Stemming From Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If your loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, it is crucial that you hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. In doing so, you are helping to stop the spread of future nursing home neglect and abuse. In Georgia, a personal injury claim for damages may be brought against a party responsible for inflicting harm on another person. These damages may include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional damages / Mental anguish
  • Punitive damages

It must be proven that the nursing home had a duty of care to your loved one and that duty of care was breached. Contact The Rodd Firm to assist in gathering evidence and calculating a claim on your behalf.

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If you have a loved one that experienced nursing home neglect, you are entitled to bring a claim for damages against the nursing home, and any other individuals who caused injuries to your loved one. Contact our Albany nursing home neglect attorney today for your initial free consultation.