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Albany Bicycle Accident LawyersRiding a bike can be an enjoyable way to stay active or eco-friendly transportation. But, traveling on roadways can be dangerous. In fact, even a minor collision with a vehicle can cause serious injury for a cyclist, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and death. Drivers are not always on the lookout for bicycles, and distracted driving may increase the risk of an accident.

The kind of Albany bicycle accident lawyer Georgia residents are proud to have serving their community can be found at The Rodd Firm. Motorists injure and kill thousands of bicyclists every year in traffic accidents. Bicyclists don’t have a lot of protection. Other than a helmet which reduces the risk of trauma to the head, even the most experienced bicyclist faces real risks when he takes to the road. The most recent federal statistics available show that bicycle fatalities have been rising year over year.

Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Claims

If you need legal help for injuries from a bicycle accident, turn to Albany bicycle accident lawyer at The Rodd Firm. Chris is an avid bicyclist himself and is a dedicated advocate for Georgia all bikers. He has handled many bike accident cases and actively helps bicyclists understand Georgia’s bike laws.

Georgia is a comparative negligence state, which means that you as the bicyclist could be found to be a percentage at fault, but will still be able to recover damages. For example, if you did not signal appropriately and this was found to be 25 percent the cause of the accident, you will still be able to receive the full amount of damages. However, if your failure to signal was found to be 51 percent the cause of the accident, the state of Georgia will not allow your claim for damages to proceed. It is therefore important to determine whether you may be found to be any percentage at fault, and if so, what that percentage might be.

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At The Rodd Firm, we understand how difficult suffering an injury can be, especially when someone else is at fault. Drivers should always be respectful of your right to share the road, but very few actually are. If you have suffered an injury due to a bike accident that wasn’t your fault, then you deserve compensation. Contact our Albany bicycle accident lawyer today to learn more about getting the compensation you deserve.