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Bicycle Accident Attorney ThomasvilleThe bicycle has been undergoing a come-back in recent years, as people throughout the country are now looking to bicycles as a method to get from place to place. The office commute is now that much healthier when you opt to pedal to work, rather than sit in traffic. Unfortunately, the rise in bicyclists on the road has not led to a corresponding awareness by motor vehicle drivers. In fact, cars and trucks continue to drive as though bicyclists are not on the road, leading to devastating injuries. If you have experienced a collision with an automobile, it is critical to get legal counsel as soon as possible. Contact a Thomasville bicycle accident attorney at The Rodd Firm, LLC, today. Attorney Chris Rodd and his team are here to help.

The rise in the number of car accidents throughout the state of Georgia has largely been due to distracted driving. Even if a rider adheres to strict bicycle safety practices, bicyclists do not have much protection on the roadways aside from their helmet, and the impact of a car or truck can be life-threatening. Distracted drivers will often notice the sudden movement of another large vehicle, but they will not always notice a bicyclist on the road or on the shoulder and may risk running into the bicyclist.

Every motor vehicle driver has a duty of care to other people on the road, whether it be another vehicle driver, motorcycle, or bicyclist. A motor vehicle driver’s duties include acting as a reasonably prudent person would act while behind a vehicle. The failure to act in this manner constitutes a breach of the standard of care. The breach of that duty of care could lead to liability for the resulting damages if injuries are the result of the breach.

Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Claims

An experienced Thomasville personal injury attorney will be able to work with you to understand the facts of the case, including whether the other driver breached a standard of duty in causing the accident. This breach is known as negligence.

Georgia is a comparative negligence state, which means that you as the bicyclist could be found to be a percentage at fault, but will still be able to recover damages. For example, if you did not signal appropriately and this was found to be 25 percent the cause of the accident, you will still be able to receive the full amount of damages. However, if your failure to signal was found to be 51 percent the cause of the accident, the state of Georgia will not allow your claim for damages to proceed. It is therefore important to determine whether you may be found to be any percentage at fault, and if so, what that percentage might be.

A claim for damages will often include the medical expenses and any related expenses that may occur due to the accident. A claim can also include damages that are not readily calculated, such as mental anguish or pain and suffering. A knowledgeable Thomasville bicycle accident attorney will be able to assist you in proceeding forward with your claim for damages.

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