Olivia MacMillan

Litigation Paralegal

Olivia joined our litigation team in May 2023 supporting our clients through all stages of litigation, from filing a lawsuit to trial. Prior to joining our firm, Olivia spent three years in Estate Planning and Probate. Her passion for injury law brought her to our firm and is evident by how she dissects each case and cares for her clients.

Olivia has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Valdosta State University and is currently studying for the LSAT. A born leader, Olivia was the President of the College Panhellenic Council and held multiple executive board positions in Alpha Delta Pi. Her contributions to the community included organizing fundraisers for the Ronald McDonald House and the Circle of Sisterhood.

Olivia is an animal lover at heart and loves to spend time with her fiancé, John, and their four animals Pebble, Trit, Harlan and Dexter.