Danny Hayes, Jr.

Of Counsel

Danny began working with The Rodd Firm in 2021 when he decided to begin the process of retiring from owning his own firm and moving into the next phase of his career. As “Of Counsel” he is an adjunct attorney who works with clients in our pre-litigation department to resolve cases prior to filing a lawsuit.

Danny has specialized in Personal Injury for over thirty years, eventually opening his own firm in 1998. He has been a long standing and respected attorney in Thomasville and brings years of expertise to the pre-litigation department, allowing for higher settlements and pristine customer service to those he serves. Working for The Rodd Firm allows him to do what he loves as well as continue to grow professionally.

Outside of work, Danny enjoys spending time with his family, including his 4 grandchildren. He loves playing golf and taking trips with his wife, Bonnie, to the beach.