How do you turn a soft tissue car accident case into a 6-figure verdict?

What do you need to win a big verdict? Any Personal Injury attorney will tell you that catastrophic injury and clear liability is the ideal scenario for a jury to award a high verdict. But what if the client has a soft tissue injury with chiropractic treatment only?

Your client deserves a high verdict because of two things:

1) Show the mechanism of injury;
2) Show the permanence of the injury.

My client, referred to me by a law firm who was out of jurisdiction, was injured in a multi-car collision in Atlanta. After a visit to the ER, she worked with a chiropractor for approximately three months. With a herniated disc in her neck and lower back, she did go to an MD who recommended injections. She chose to continue chiropractic treatment with no injections and no surgery with medical bills totaling around $22,000.00

The defense tried the case on the theory that after three months of treatment, my client was better and that damages should be limited to that period. Additionally, they suggested that my client never got the injections recommended by the doctor, thereby failing to mitigate her damages.

I tried the case on the basis that liability was admitted, she had a real injury, and the jury needed to decide whether or not the disc herniations were permanent or not.

Our processes positioned us to secure a strong doctor testimony and visually paint a picture of the violence of the crash as well as the extent of her injuries – though she only had chiropractic treatment, that didn’t take away from the past (and most importantly) future pain and suffering my client would continue to experience.

Going into day two of trial, the insurance company increased their offer to only $25,000.00. However, the jury ruled in our favor awarding a $140,000.00 verdict, nearly 7 times the medical costs.

At the end of the day, the jury got it correct. The client was able to be heard and recover from what had been taken from her.

No one plans to get hurt on any given day. When it happens to the people of South Georgia, we help them get their case resolved so they can move on with their lives.